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12 June, 2020
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12 June, 2020
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God’s Mega Plan 2 (Oasis DVD/CD-ROM)

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Ten time-shattering programs taking children from Jesus’ birth to Revelation in the Bible.

Come with us as our madcap characters journey through time. Watch them disappear into a refridgerator and turn up at significant events described in the New Testament! Hear about the exciting and awesome events that reveal God’s “mega plan” for our world. In this unit the children will be assured that God is in control and invites each one to respond to what he is doing and get involved.

Ideal for Sunday schools, kids’ clubs, holiday programs and more.

Week 1: Jesus’ first coming (Luke 1-2)
Week 2: Jesus dies and lives again (Luke 23-24)
Week 3: Jesus promises the Holy Spirit (Act 1:3-11)

Week 4: Philip tells others about Jesus (Acts 8)
Week 5: Go and live with it (2 Peter 3)
Week 6: New heaven and earth (Revelation 21-22)

Weeks 7-9: New for Old Flip-Box; Mega Plan Dioramas; The Mega Mural; Beat Theatre; Jesus Lives Dances.

Children share their creative and servant ministries!

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