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12 June, 2020
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12 June, 2020
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God’s Mega Plan (Oasis DVD/CD-ROM)

$145.00 inc GST

Ten galactic-sized programs giving an overview of God’s plan in the Bible!

Space… it’s huge… it’s enormous! And it holds a myriad of secrets. Space is a prominent theme in TV and movies. More wonderful, even, than the mystery of space is the one who made it all! Travel with us through time and sapce in God’s Mega Plan and discover that God has a plan for all people. It started right at the beginning of the universe! They will journey from creation through the Old Testament, ending with Jesus (the culmination of God’s Mega Plan).

Ideal for Sunday schools, kids’ clubs, holiday programs and more.

Week 1: God made a perfect universe (Genesis 1.:1-13)
Week 2: People made an awful mess (Genesis 2-3)
Week 3: God makes a wonderful promise (Genesis 12:15)

Week 4: God continues his promise to Abraham (Joseph/Moses)
Week 5: God’s servants Caleb and David
Week 6: God’s plan fulfilled in Jesus

Weeks 7-9: Rock Eisteddfod, Mural Making, Food for Thought, Mystery Drama, Space Games, Video Special Effects.

Children share their creative and servant ministries!

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