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12 June, 2020
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12 June, 2020
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Paul – Telling the World (Oasis DVD/CD-ROM)

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Ten cross-country programs studying the message and travels of the missionary Paul.

Leaving home to travel the world with a message. Yes! That’s what this Oasis unit is all about. There will be a great variety of learning activities that will engage children’s minds, hearts and bodies. Smelly sandals and passports are all part of the fun-filled, exciting learning time through ten weeks.

Ideal for Sunday schools, kids’ clubs, holiday programs and more.

Week 1: Wrong Way, Paul! (Acts 9:1-9)
Week 2: God’s good guy now (Acts 9:10-25)

Week 3: Close call for Paul (Acts 14:8-20)
Week 4: Seize the moment (Acts 16:16-40)
Week 5: It’s team work (Acts 20:1-12)
Week 6: Budget trip to Rome (Acts 21-28)

Weeks 7-9: Sound Effects Play; Mission Incredible; Team Building; Talking Heads Map; Tell Me About It

Children share their creative and servant ministries!

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