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12 June, 2020
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Proverbs – God’s Wise Guys (Oasis DVD/CD-ROM)

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Welcome to the Clowning College – where entertaining students learn about being ‘wise guys’ from the Book of Proverbs. At this leading institute, they find out that ignoring God’s wisdom is to live foolishly.

Week 1: God’s Way, the wise way (Proverbs 9:10)
Week 2: Speaking Wisely (Proverbs 10 & 12)
Week 3: Acting Wisely (Proverbs 11:5,23)

Week 4: Wise Feelings (various Proverbs)
Week 5: Thinking Wisely (Proverbs 15:28 and more)
Week 6: Wise God, Wise Kids (various Proverbs)

Weeks 7-9: Proverbs Posters, Crafty Proverbs, “Wise Guys” Clowning, “Trust Your Heart” Gameshow, Follow the Leader

Week 10: The celeebration is a time for the children to minister to family and friends about God’s wise ways discovered through Proverbs.

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