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Logosdor exists to serve and equip the Body of Christ around the world, as it shares Jesus with children, families, and communities.

God's vision is to see children everywhere walking with Jesus, and that is Logosdor's vision too.

Multiplication of children’s evangelism and discipleship through:

  • Strategic partnering
  • Creative tools
  • Innovative ministry
  • Accessible resources and expertise - free of cost, brand, and copyright.

Be part of this work and donate to see children everywhere, walking with Jesus.

We live by Jesus’ Great Commission to ‘Go make disciples of every nation’ – which includes the 2.2 billion children of the world.

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Logosdor continues to give everything away freely and quietly as a way to help grow the whole Body of Christ. We seek to be a servant agency, helping to serve and build up other organizations in skills and resources.

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Jesus’ amazing creativity is displayed continually through each encounter, story and situation in the Gospels. We also seek to find creative solutions in a world with many roadblocks to effective ministry.

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We understand that this is Christ’s work and not ours. We are happy to give away our best ideas, best intellectual property and best creativity for the sake of the Kingdom.

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Make disciples

Jesus’ model was to raise up others to lead and become disciple-makers. We seek to do the same through training others, giving away our skills and helping equip local leadership throughout the world.

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Think small

Small leaders, small trainings and small steps are all important to the Kingdom. Lasting fruit is most likely to come from persistent effort with the small things of this world.


Tremendous fruit comes when different parts of the Body of Christ use their gifts in service to one another. Our gifting is in the areas of vision and strategy, creative innovation, funding, training, design, administration, and the creation and multiplication of tools – ultimately, helping champion a vision to reach and disciple children.

Resource Libraries

One way we serve globally is through the creation and maintenance of websites that enable the free distribution of resources for children's ministry and discipleship. We partner with many others around the world to provide resources for these sites. These websites include:


The Facilitator’s Toolkit, produced by Logosdor, is a dynamic resource to help leaders of workshops, ministries and teams to facilitate idea creation. This kit is being used in Writers’ Workshops, Creative Resource production, Strategic Meetings, and Team Planning. We believe it will also be useful in church team meetings and other times when a group gets together to problem solve and create something new.
The toolkit is the culmination of many years of developing workshops, ideas and modelling creative facilitation and leadership and is the first of a range of tools we are creating to help grow the capacity of children’s ministry leadership.

Writer’s and Creative Thinking Workshops

Each year our staff travel globally to host writer's and creative workshops. These workshops bring together people who are interested in creating resources for their own context and language. The workshops provide an environment and framework for those attending to explore their creativity and produce materials that can be used in their own communities. There are numerous advantages in hosting these workshops:
  • Local leaders are given the skills and confidence to create their own resources
  • Resources created at the workshops are made available on - the open source resource library
  • Those trained often return home to host their own workshops thereby multiplying the impact
  • It provides an opportunity to train new facilitators
In recent years we have hosted these workshops in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.


What countries do you operate in?

Each year we give direct material assistance to around 70 countries. We actively serve in the development of work in over 120 nations and our materials and training are routinely used in over 200 nations.

Why does Logosdor focus their efforts on reaching children?

There are 1.9 billion children in the world, making up nearly 30% of the global population.  Jesus indicates the critical importance of letting children come to Him and commands us to make disciples of all nations – which includes children!

How do you run everything you are involved in from one office?

We have constant communication with leaders around the world, and we, and many with whom we are in partnership, travel extensively, leading to a very effective network.

Why do you choose to do things anonymously?

We have found that a big roadblock in ministry is that of branding. Over time an agency brand can quickly become more influential in decision-making than the Gospel itself. By minimizing the importance of brand and putting the highest priority on the task of disciple-making and sharing with others, we see much greater effect.

Hasn’t the world got enough resources? Why do you create more?

Some languages (i.e. English) and regions (i.e. Western world) are well served in resources, with an abundance of choice. This is not the case in many parts of the world. The greatest need is to help raise up local skill to write and create contextually appropriate resources, in many cases for the very first time.

Why do you provide everything for free?

We find that by giving tools, skills and ideas for free it helps develop a similar gift of generosity through those that benefit, which leads to greater multiplication. With the scale of worldwide need so great, we must find alternative ways of providing solutions.

How can I support you?

Prayer, introductions to potential partners and financial support are all ways you can work with us to serve the Kingdom. We have tax deductible funds in both the US and Australia.

What is it that gives Logosdor credibility to operate in this market?

Not many people know that in Logosdor’s short history God has used it in remarkable ways in children’s ministry. In the 1990s Logosdor created the two major global children’s evangelistic programs used by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Since that time Logosdor has continued to create the global kids’ material for Samaritan’s Purse, reaching 11 million children. Logosdor helped develop and champion children and youth sports initiatives worldwide, serve in the development of the Max7 website and helped start and facilitate the Global Children’s Forum. These are just some of the projects of Logosdor.

Where does the name Logosdor come from?

Logosdor is a made up word meaning Word of Gold or Word for this Generation.